Monday 18 August 2008

Another New Beginning.....

Today was Louis first day and school and he was soooo excited to be going. I can believe my baby is at school now. He looked so grown up in his uniform. He was big and brave though and not a tear, (can't say the same about mummy!) and was quite happy to be there.

Cass xxx

Today also would have been my Dad's 80th Birthday but he is sadly no longer with us. Love you and miss you Dad xxx


  1. Oh what a handsome chap! He looks so adorable and I hope his first day at school goes well.
    And as for your Dad...I think he will be looking down and smiling at his wonderful grandson! Hugs Em.x

  2. I agree Emma, Louis looks lovely in his uniform, hope you had a great day wee man. Donna x

  3. Very smart! Do all the children in scotland start earlier at school than England? We have still got at least 2 weeks.

  4. Wow love the new look blog.
    Louis looks so smart and grown up and I am sure your Dad was there watching over him all day.

  5. I hope your Louis had a fabulous day. I think your Dad was probably looking down and smiling with pride XXX

  6. A mixed day then, hope ur ok. Lewis looked dead proud, bless him...along with the sombre moments for missing him, I hope you got some nice memories thru the day of your dad ...big hugs - ChrissyX

  7. I hope he had a good day at school. He looks very smart in his uniform.
    My nephew had his first day at work today! It seems like only yesterday that he was starting school.

  8. Oh poor mummy left standing at the school gates... My friend has already started thinking about how she will feel next year when her little girl goes. You must have been proud seeing him going to school so smart & proud...
    Thoughts are with you on your dad, I lost mine 11 years ago but like you have many fond memories...

    Lorraine xxx

  9. Aw, he's so gorgeous Cass and his hair is fab, all those curls. My son had curly hair when he was a baby but the first time he had it cut the curls disappeared and have never been seen since. Your lad looks so smart in his uniform. Isn't it hard letting them go to big school? We are wimps really, aren't we, lol?
    God bless your Dad, I expect he is very proud of his grandson!

  10. Well what a handsome young chap and doesn't he look so grown up..I know what you mean about shedding a tear but I bet you are so proud and your Dad would have been too.

  11. awww he looks very smart. Think it is more of a trial for us isn't it. There were a few tears in our playground this morning although I managed to stay composed....just.

  12. Hello again Cass, i'm sorry but i've had to tag you lol its on my blog. Donna x

  13. Hope the first day at school went well. Your son looks adorable. Really like the look of the blog. Have so much to catch up on.

  14. Ahhhh, how cute does Louis look!!!
    I hope he's enjoying school & having lots of fun!
    Kerry xxx