Thursday, 3 April 2008

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged by the lovely Emma (Elf-Creations) so I have to give you seven random facts about myself. (Not that you really want to know!)

1. I'm a naturally curly brunette,but when I was a teenager in the 80's my hair wasn't that long and for years got it permed until I let it grow and realised it was naturally curly.All that money wasted going to hairdressers.

2. I have a tattoo of a red rose with a swirl around it, just above my right ankle.

3. My picture was used for an advertising campaign in Glasgow last year. It was really weird seeing my picture on posters and ad trailers over the city. My only claim to fame!

4. I entered a competition way back in the 70's in a Scottish newspaper and won loads of Bay City Roller goodies. Yes I preferred them to The Osmonds! Tartan jumpers and flares.

5. My wee boy has two middle names. One is Elliott after Joe Elliott the lead singer with Def Leppard. Now you know how much I love rock music. Either that or it was my hormones at the time! He also shares the same birthday as David Coverdale from Whitesnake. I had no control over that though, it was just coincidental!

6. I love old B&W movies and all the old classics.

7. I was a huge Nancy Drew fan when I was younger and still have over 100 of her books and also her DVD's with the Hardy Boys.

Now the boring bit is over I've to pass the tag on.

So I'm going to tag Pickle , Sharon , Debs and Manda
Over to you girls! Have fun!


  1. Thanks for that Cass !!! Now I'll really have to get my thinking cap on LOL!!
    I'll sleep on this one I think - 7 facts - OMG where do I start !!
    Sharon x

  2. Oh dear. Never mind the FACTS, i'm just gonna struggle with putting the links on to those that i tag! Mand xxx

  3. Hey thanks for tagging me.

    kerry x