Saturday 29 March 2008

The 1980's

I thought that seeing as I didn't have anything craft related to post today,that I'd post a video from YouTube of a song from my favourite era. The 1980's!
I love going through YouTube looking at all the videos from back then and reliving my teenage years. The fashion and hairstyles....LOL
It all seems so long ago now................



  1. The 80's leg warmers....choose life t-shirts electric pink nail varnish....big hair and hairspray so that my buffont fringe was locked in place.....

  2. I love you rock LOs i think I may have to do a few LO of my fave bands. Have you tried next month is Whitesnake/deflep month :)

  3. Now ,for me it is the 1960's, that really does give my age away!!!!
    Always great to reminice though :)

  4. Oooh, the 80's. Lovely memories of childhood & no responsibilities, as you say, the music the fashions, the hairstyles......mind you saying that I've still got the long curly locks - move over Joey Tempest! (think that was his name, I loved his hair)lol.
    Kerry xxx

  5. The 80's was my era as well. I have been loving "Ashes to Ashes". And ever since I first visited your blog, I keep singing Def Leppard!