Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Where Did 2010 Go?

Well to be honest I'm glad to see the back of 2010. My lack of blogging was due to having an "Annus Horriblus" as HRH would say. I caught the winter vomiting bug last January and it all went downhill from there. It took weeks to recover from that and it left me with constant dizziness which is a nightmare. It has such an impact on your life. Eventually in July my GP started me on tablets to stop the dizzy spells and referred me to an ENT surgeon.. Then in August my mum passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly. That was a nightmare too. She'd only been in hospital for little less than 48 hours and had been expected to get home. So we had to wait on a Post Mortem which the Procurator Fiscal demanded.It took 11 days as they were behind. It had been a Pulmonary Embolism as the cause of death. Devastated was not the word for it. So coming to terms with that and the dizziness,plus the fact we're trying to sell our house,it's been very stressful. I finally saw the ENT surgeon just before Christmas,who said the winter vomiting virus had affected my inner ear and caused Labyrinthitis which had then become vertigo and can take months to recover from.Well it was the best part of a year for me.

Anyway enough rambling from me. As you can tell from my blog posts I'd only managed to make a few cards last year. The last one posted a few days before my mum died. All my craft stuff is packed up just now while we try and sell up. I've started to feel a bit more like crafting now and have been looking out some bits and pieces so I can try and make some cards. I'll try and get them posted. It may be a bit hit and miss for the immediate future or else they'll all look much the same with limited

Here's hoping 2011 is a better year.

Cass xxx


  1. I truly hope it is a better year for you Cass, you certainly went through a tough 2010. Big hugs x

  2. OMG Cass, what a awful year for you and your family. I do hope that 2011 brings you better health and happiness. Sending warm Hugs
    Jackie xx