Monday, 29 June 2009


Apologies for not being around to visit everyone,but my blog isn't playing ball just now.The playlists are having problems and it's taking ages for the blog to load.It's soooooo slow and I just don't have the time just now to faff about.It seems to be a known problem and resolves itself.I've got a challenge card here waiting to upload but it's just too slow at the moment,so I've given up trying for now.
I'm off to see ACDC tomorrow at Hampden which should be fantastic,but a bit hot hot hot I think.So plenty of sun cream,water and of course some chocolate to keep the blood sugar levels
Hopefully the blog will be back working properly and I can play catch up with everyone.It's taken me ages just to get this post up...grrrrrrr.

Cass xxx


  1. Morning Cass, mine's been the same but seems to be okay at the moment so I'm trying to play catchup myself! Enjoy your concert :o)
    Jackie xx

  2. know what you mean and it's driving me insane...enjoy your concert...Big Hugs Kath xxxxxx

  3. Have a fabby day honey ya lucky devil. i'll headbang at home thinking of you :)

  4. Hi Cass, hope you enjoyed the concert. I am having the same problems- non of my songs playing and when I tried to upload more they all say track unavailable. At least it is not just my blog then

  5. Oh I'm SOOOO jealous!!!! Hope you had a fabulous time, can't wait to see some pic's. Donna x