Saturday, 5 July 2008

Red Carpet

Well I'd just like to thank everyone for their good wishes on my trip back to hospital for another wee operation. All is well so far but just a wee bit tender at my hips.I keep bumping into the kitchen worktops too as it's just at the same height...ouch!
I was to be at The Golden Jubilee Hospital for 11am and arrived at the car park entrance at 10.30ish to be greeted by 3 police officers who waved me to stop. What's the nature of the visit they asked. I'm being admitted for an operation
I said,so they waved me on into the car park. When I drove in the place was full of police. Two walking towards me had braid on their hats. Not PC's for Couldn't find a parking space so drove round to the other side of the hospital where the hotel is and parked.As I walked up to the entrance a guy was hoovering a red carpet. Geez...they didn't have to go to all that trouble for me....pmsl. Anyway as it turned out HRH Queen Elizabeth was visiting to open the new heart and lung department. Mystery of all the police solved!
I was put into the same room I had when I had my op back in January and had a great view of the helipad. Down came the helicopter and dropped off HRH and Prince Philip,who then jumped into their Rolls Royce and were driven by the hospital windows where we were all standing and received the Royal Wave. Was tempted to wave my paper knickers but would probably have got carted off to the Tower. So that was my gossip for the day.

I've added a couple of cards that I made for Louis teachers to prevent the boredom of my previous Louis finished nursery a week past on Friday,so my baby starts school in August. I can't believe it. The time has just flown by.
Both cards are using Birthday Hamish kindly got for me by Stu along with some others.I've coloured them both with my Prismacolors. The pink PP is Daisybuckets (gasp!) and the brown is Heidi Grace and has a lovely silk and
flock feel. Papermania Brads (ordinary and sugar coated), Making Memories cheeky clips,flowers and Studio G sentiment stamps.

Cass xxx


  1. Hello you. So glad it all went ok but cannot believe the red carpet wasn't for they not know who you are!!!
    The cards are beautiful as normal. Just take it easy and shout if you need anything. Hugs Em.x

  2. Wow it would be nice though if the red carpet had been for you.
    How to be greeted to hospital lol.
    Like Emma says take it easy and hope the pain/tenderness eases soon.
    Are prismacolours different to watercolours? What are they like to work with?

  3. pmsl, I hope you weren't standing at the window with one of the backless gowns on lol, glad you haven't lost your sense of humour, just stay out of the kitchen Cass its obviously a dangerous place for you right now, plenty of carry out food and you'll soon be on the mend. xx

  4. Gorgeous gorgeous card as usual and I'm sure the red carpet really was for you

  5. Hi Cass...I didnt realise you mixed with glad you feel ok and what cute cards!..Hamish looks great.x

  6. Hi Cass, glad all went well with your op. Sounds as if you were in good Made me giggle, the thought of you waving your paper pants..pmsl.

    Gorgeous cards, love the image & fab pp's!
    Kerry xxx

  7. Glad it all went ok, red carpet treatment eh ;)Lovely cards, great colours and layout as ever

  8. gorgeous cards Cass and I hope you are recovering well. I'm sure HRH would have been delighted to see you waving your paper knickers :0)

  9. Aw, these cards really are lovely xx

  10. Fab cards Cass,take it easy love xx

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