Thursday, 22 May 2008

Circle Of Friends

I've received this lovely award from the lovely Lorraine (Crafty Coo). I love the image and I think I must definitely be the one in the middle with the fattest bum!...hehe.
Lots of people I know have already received this award so I'm going to chose Rachel,Monica,Jools and Debs (coz it's her 40th birthday today!)
But I also want to nominate it to anyone who has passed by my blog and left a comment.I appreciate every one.

Cass xxx


  1. Thank you Cass, i've not had one of these things before, so not sure what i'm meant to do!!! i have put in on my blog though, thanks x

  2. ooh i've just looked on the blog you received it from realised that i have to now send it to 4 people, hope thats right :)

  3. What a fab award - I am loving that piccy X